Park. Pay. Be on your way.

Pay for parking with the Park Evanston mobile app!

Easily sign-up and begin using the Park Evanston

app in just a few minutes.

Not sure when you parked? The Park Evanston app lets you know when your parking session is about to expire.

Need more time? No more running back to the meter! You can extend your session right from your phone.







How it Works

Create Your Account

  • Download the app
  • Enter mobile number to begin authentication

Enter Payment Method

  • Manage multiple payment cards
  • Prefund your Passport wallet
  • Receive parking session receipts

Start Parking Session

  • Enter your zone number and space number
  • Select your length of stay
  • Extend your time (up to maximum allotted time)

How will parking enforcers know I paid?

Transactions made with the app are instantly available to parking enforcement personnel through their wireless handheld devices. 

Take the hassle out of resolving a citation

Request an online hearing and even pay your citation from within the Park Evanston app or via our convenient citation payment website. Please note you can only request an online hearing if you have the ability to upload all evidence in an electronic format. 

To request an in-person hearing to appeal your citation, please call: 847-448-4311